Our Values


To be the growth catalyst for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria and Africa through innovative and creative support services with an excellent professional spirit.


To provide Value adding services to all stakeholder through innovative ideas; and a highly motivated and skilled workforce.


Our approach to consulting and implementation of consulting solutions to management or capital problems identified in a corporate entity employs mainly the ‘hand-holding’ approach to executing advisory services. This approach to consulting and advisory services is aimed at ensuring the full support of the clients’ staff as part of the change management process. This approach affords not only finding solutions to identified problems but the involvement of the client’s management staff which ensures that they are sufficiently trained in the appreciation of the problems identified, the recommended solutions and the actual execution of the recommended solution. Thus providing the delivery of unparalleled value added service. The cardinal goal of this approach is to provide high-performing customized solutions that is totally understood and accepted by the client’s staff such that its execution will not involve studying bounded volumes of reports containing solutions that might not be implemented as the staff got subsumed in daily operating activities.

The Firm has clear focus on Nigeria and Africa, and leverages on extensive experience and tested expertise in key sectors of the Nigerian Economy coupled with working collaboration with other local and international consulting firms.

BMO specializes in freeing successful entrepreneurs from the challenges of growth, through risk management, provision of access to best much needed funds for expansion as well as un- paralleled uniquely personalized service. Each client’s project problems’ resolution is specifically tailored to provide effective and life changing experience that maximizes the returns to the client beyond the costs incurred in procuring the consulting services of the Firm.