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Our approach to consultancy is to ensure that our client is carried along the whole process to effectively manage the expected change that will result from the entire process. We painstakingly seek to understand our client’s need and proffering solution that will be in the best interest of the client. While not assuming, knowledge of everything, our diverse exposures in different sectors of the economy has positioned us as the needed change agent to our client.

Part of our consultancy services involves Systems review, documentation and improvement to ensure our client optimal performance to achieve the desired goals.

Quite often we engaged to carry out feasibility study, business plan, cash flow projection as well as process re-engineering.

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Audit & Assurace Services

This is one of our main activities, covering large, medium sized companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships. Our audit approach comprises a risk based system audit, balance sheet audit (both interim and final audits). Our application of Computer based and value adding audit approach makes it possible for us to detect errors and fraud associated with internet based transactions. Our approach goes much beyond the statutory limits by employing an exploratory approach and risk based techniques that reveals lapses and evaluates performance. We are in the business of providing auditing service and business support to a diverse and discerning clientele.

The main features of our systems audit are:

  • Highlighting missing and ineffective controls, and documentation of weakness.
  • Emphasis on areas of financial control and accounting system improvement.
  • Identifying area of weaknesses in corporate governance and best practice.
  • We ensure that we have a thorough understanding of our clients businesses, corporate culture and operational environment.
  • We are able to provide complimentary advice by way of a detailed audit observation report that highlight all areas of dangers, pitfalls and risks that come to light and also provides an efficiency analysis of your company.


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The constant change in fiscal policies has its implication on all and sundries especially in the area of tax compliance. Our Tax Department is headed by thoroughbred and experienced tax practitioners. That is why we are your partners, Working in conjunction with our Tax Partners JK Consult in ensuring that you are constantly tax compliant and efficient with timely advice. The provision of comprehensive service on taxation for corporate and individual clients is therefore inevitable

Our competence in tax management includes but not limited to the following areas:

  • Personal income tax
  • Petroleum profit tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Sales tax
  • Value added tax
  • Withholding tax

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Accounting Services

We provide advice and assistance for clients on a wide variety of accounting matters including:

  • Development of a suitable accounting system or improvement of the existing one.
  • Accounting Bureau Services: This service is provided for organization with limited capacity to employ the services of a full time accountant or accounting software. The service is provided either as a temporary measure or permanent measure to reduce cost for organization which chooses to remain slim in terms of structure.
  • Preparation and presentation of management accounts, provision of information for management budgets, cash and profit forecasts.
  • Provision of accounting support to clients who require additional accounting services
  • Investigation and Exploratory accounting in accounting problem areas, or areas of suspected fraud or misappropriations.
  • Preparation of business valuation statements either for specific business situations or for new and start- up companies.
  • Assessing accounting software application requirements and providing assistance for software installation and maintenance.
  • Book keeping and Accounting Services

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